I use a slow deep concentrated pressure to the muscles.  This allows the deeper layers of muscle tissue to be effected as well as the connective tissue.  The pressure and speed of 

strokes are custom to each individual.  I watch and feel your over all body to let me know if the pressure is too deep or fast.  I like to keep it slower, allowing your muscles to relax and accept the movements and decrease the discomfort.  So with a deep tissue massage you may choose a longer session for a more comfortable and effective massage.


I use the same deep pressure and speed as a deep tissue massage, but I add in muscle friction strokes to the adhesions that I feel.  An adhesion is a band of scare tissue that binds two parts of

 tissue or organs together. Medical massage is very effective in breaking these adhesions down. I am very precise, I separate each muscle and work it thoroughly from origin to insertion (beginning to end).


My relaxation massage, I describe as a slow, deep relaxation massage.  But it never comes close to a deep tissue massage.  I still am very thorough as well in this massage.  The room environment is quite different as I try not to talk once the session has began and I know the pressure you desire for your massage.

Both my deep tissue and medical massage are used with the goal to create muscular balance  and increase the range of motion.  Creating a balance of the muscular structure to encourage long term changes.

And with all massage you must be hydrated to get the full benefit and decrease any discomfort after deep work. proudly created with

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