I have been getting regular massages since 1981. Sherri is by far the best therapist I have ever been to. She is skilled, knowledgeable, with unsurpassed abilities. Sherri is devoted to her work and working with individuals to tailor her massages to the persons individual needs. And she goes above and beyond to please.

- George T



Sherri is has a very good understanding of muscles, how they work and what is wrong with them, and most importantly how to fix them!  Very professional.  I will use her as my therapist from now on!

Debra D.
Oxford, NY

Sherri is a dedicated individual who possesses a great deal of knowledge in her field. She will provide you with valuable input as well as a great massage!

- Sandi B



I was suffering some pretty bad back pain (muscle fatigue and tightness) and being somewhat new to the area I hadn't really found a go to LMT. I called and messaged several therapists in the area and Sherri was able to fit me in the very next morning. Her office was very comfortable and it was one of the best sessions I've ever had. Sherri is incredibly caring, knowledgeable, skilled and friendly. I've already booked a second session. Would highly recommend!​

Michael V.
Astoria, NY



One of the BEST massages I've ever had (and I've had many). Sherri was completely in tune with my body and needs and made me feel comfortable, relaxed, and released at the same time. I was especially touched by her interest and attention in areas of my body that are stressed by my job. Run run run to Sherri!

Kasia B.
Upper West Side, Manhattan, NY



I have been seeing Sherri for years! Best massage ever!!!!  I had an injury. I couldn't sleep, my arms would fall asleep and shoulders would hurt. One visit and the relief was amazing!!!   No more pain and best of all....sleep!   Sherri is super in tune to your needs and always comes up with an excellent treatment plan for whatever your body requires.  Want to feel great???   Hurry and make an appointment!

Judy H.
Binghamton, NY



I went and saw Sherri today with a stiff back and came out feeling good. She really cares about people and wants to help. She hit all my sore spots.

Shelly H.
Syracuse, NY

Sherri is simply amazing!! One session and my sciatica was 100 percent back to normal!! Will definitely go back!!

- katelyn c​



If you need a deep tissue massage, you need Sherri. I didn't realize how tight my neck & shoulders were until I saw her. I felt great afterwards, but the biggest difference was how I felt the next day- my comfort, mobility, & posture improved greatly.
Before your massage she talks to you about what you're looking for, any concerns you have, etc, & she really listens
Highly recommended for athletes. I'll definitely come back

Anna R.
Montrose, PA



Sherri exceeds my wildest expectations for customer service and quality of care. She came in on her day off to care for me, someone who she had never met and had no connection to. She listened to my needs and spoke to me about how to treat my body holistically, in addition to massage. She is very knowledgeable and I am sure that I will be going back!

Sarah C.
Horseheads, NY



I have been a client of Sherri's for about 18 years now.  She is an amazing therapist who listens to your needs and will come up with an excellent treatment plan.  Sherri has been there for me when I needed immediate treatment from an accident and has been there for me since the very beginning.  Do yourself a favor  and have her work on you one time you will be hooked forever.  I am someone who needs deep tissue treatment and needs strong pressure with a massage.  Sherri delivers a powerful stress and  pain relieving massage for me. She is also very capable and professional in being able to give you what you need with different treatment options.  Good luck in your journey to feeling better go see Sherri.

Calvin W.
Binghamton, NY



I have been getting my massages through Sherri for over 10 years now. She has helped me with various back issues, and she also offers great advice on natural/holistic remedies. I would highly recommend Sherri!

Christine B.
San Francisco, CA



Sherri is phenomenal at what she does.  Her Deep tissue massage is awesome. She is very personable and knowledgeable.  You will not be disappointed.

Jennie L.
Johnson City, NY



I have been a client of Sherri's for over 15 years.  I've changed hair stylists, physicians and employers, but my relationship with Sherri has been consistent.   Even though I've gone to her for years, Sherri still takes the time to ask me "What's up?", and truly listens to my response.  She knows I prefer a deeper massage, but always notices if I wince or tighten up and checks in immediately. She is great about getting me in when I have pain and generous with her time when I am there. I recommend Sherri without hesitation.

Rebecca H.
Endicott, NY

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